Integral Representation of the Stellar Surface Structure of the Magnetic Field

E. Gerth, Yu.V. Glagolevskij and G. Scholz

The surface structure of the magnetic field in stars is one part of the information about the surface inhomogeneities like brightness, movement or chemical composition, which is contained in the integral radiation flux but distorted beyond recognition by losses of information on the topographical arrangement over the surface because of convolution processes and partial invisibility.
Therefore, the complicated processes, beginning with the representation of the map of the surface field distribution and ending with the resulting phase-curves of the integral magnetic field, are simulated by a computer program. We use this program as a tool for the analysis of the magnetic field structure out of the really observed data in phase diagrams by variation of the parameters and by fitting the calculated curves to the observed ones.

Key words: stars: chemically peculiar - magnetic field - rotation - mapping

The present article:

P 90. Gerth, E., Glagolevskij, Yu.V., Scholz, G.:
Integral representation of the surface structure
of the stellar magnetic field

In: P. North, A. Schnell, J. Ziznovsky (eds.).
Proc. 26th Meeting and workshop of the European Working Group on CP Stars,
Vienna, October 27-20, 1997, Contrib. Astron. Obs. Skalnate Pleso 27 (1998), 458-460

Poster - first representation: IAU Symposium 176 on Stellar Surface Structure,
9-13 October 1995, University of Vienna, Austria

Further publications of the authors on this item:

P 88. Gerth E., Glagolevskij Yu.V., Scholz G.:
Integral representation of the surface structure
of the stellar magnetic field

1997, Stellar Magnetic fields, Proc. Int. Conf., Nizhnyj Arkhyz, SAO, 13-18 May 1996, 67-75

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