Astron. Nachr. 304 (1983) 299-304
Temporally periodic variations
of the solar neutrino flux
and the standard model of the sun

H. J. Haubold and E. Gerth
Academy of Sciences of the GDR, Central Institute of Astrophysics, Potsdam (GDR)

The Fourier analysis of the measured 37Ar production rate for Davies' well known solar neutrino experiment shows time variations of the neutrino flux with periods of 100.0, 58.8, 35.7, 25.6, 19.6, 15.2, 8.8, and 6.3 months, respectively. We discuss physical assumptions of the standard solar model which are not generally confirmed by observations and trace back the time variations of the neutrino flux with the time scale of the order of years to gravity oscillations of the solar centre.

         Article written in German:

      Haubold, H. J., Gerth, E.:
      Zeitlich periodische Variationen des solaren Neutrinoflusses
      und das Standardmodell der Sonne

      Astron. Nachr. 304 (1983) 299-304
      Quoted by: SAO/NASA ADS Physics Abstract Service