The magnetic field structure
of the slow CP star rotator HD 188041

Yu.V. Glagolevskij, Special Astrophysical Observatory of Russian AS, Nizhnij Arkhyz 369167, Russia.
E. Gerth, D-14471 Potsdam, Gontardstr 130, Germany.

Preliminary abstract
The slowly rotating CP star HD 188041 is subjected to an analysis of its magnetic field structure by the modelling method of the Magnetic Charge Distribution (MCD), using the photographic measurements of Babcock. The first attempt to fit Babcock's observational results to a model of a central magnetic dipole gives - as usual because of the ambiguous aspect at the north or south hemisphere of the star - two possible solutions of the distance angle of the magnetic and rotational axes ß1 = 6° or ß2 = 76.8° corresponding to the inclination angles i1 = 80.5° and i2 = 14°. Admitting a decentralization of the dipole, the fitting of the phase curve of Beff to the data by minimizing the sum of the quadratic deviations could be improved, making thus the decentered dipole probable, but changing the angles ß and i only slightly.
(This is a summary of a poster presented by E. Gerth at the CP#AP WORKSHOP in Vienna, Austria, 10.-14. September 2007)